Participants’ opinion

“Continuous research efforts are needed to maintain the cellulose competence platform. It is important that we collaborate in the basic research so that Finland keeps its competitive advantage.”

Niklas von Weymarn, VP Research, Metsä Fibre

“Finnish research institutes and industry together have created a competence platform in ionic liquids that is the best in the world”

Jari Räsänen, R&D manager, Stora Enso

“It is important that alongside industrial product development, in-depth knowledge of the reactivity of cellulose is developed. It would be very frustrating to optimize the reaction conditions and chemicals without knowing how reactive cellulose we have as a raw material.”

Veli-Matti Vuorenpalo, R&D manager, Kemira

“We received loads of information on the use of enzymes and new research methods that we can use in the future developments.”

Terhi Puranen, R&D manager, Roal