About CCSP

CCSP in short

CLIC Innovation Oy’s Carbon Capture and Storage R&D program (CCSP) was initiated for strengthening the position of Finnish industry and research organisa-tions in the CCS technology field, aiming for a leading position in certain select-ed fields of CCS. The objective for CCSP was to develop CCS-related technolo-gies and concepts, leading to essential pilots and demonstrations by the end of the program. A further objective was to create a strong scientific basis for the development of CCS technology, concepts and frameworks, and to establish active, international CCS co-operation.

The program consortium consisted of leading research organisations and in-dustry having significant background and references in their own field related to the CCS chain. The program run from 2011 to 2016 and had a total budget of 15 M€, with Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation providing the main part of the funding.

Main research areas were:

  • CCS applications
    • Solutions for combined heat and power (CHP) plants
    • Multi-fuel power plants
    • Bio-CCS
    • Heavy industry
  • Long-term breakthrough technologies
    • Chemical looping combustion (CLC)
    • CO₂ mineralization
    • CO₂ utilisation by algae cultivation and other novel concepts
  • Monitoring technology
    • Development of methods and technology for monitoring of CO₂ capture and storage
  • Framework for CCS
    • Regulation and legislation issues
    • Sustainability and public acceptance of CCS
    • Infrastructure and CO₂ storage capacity

What is CCS?

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is considered to be one of the main options for reducing CO2 emissions alongside renewable energy, more efficient energy use and nuclear power. The concept of CCS includes capture of CO2 produced by a power plant or an industrial plant, transportation of CO2 to a suitable storage location, and permanent storage of CO2 (underground or as inert carbonates) in isolation from the atmosphere.. CCS could significantly reduce CO2 emissions and contribute significantly in achieving the deep emission cuts required by the newly signed climate agreement for limiting the global temperature rise to less than 2°C. Finland has good opportunities to achieve a GHG emission reduction of 80% by 2050 if all the technology options are available. CCS was especially found important for heavy industry, which has less mitigation options than the energy production industry has.

The basic principle for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).