Scientific advisory board

Comparing with the first review, the SGEM program has definitely improved in its structure.

The suggestions proposed after the first review have been, in general, successfully adopted.

In particular, the reviewers appreciated the exercise of defining a complete list of KPI. Even if, as always, there is space for improvement, the general impression is that this exercise helped SGEM to fix some clear targets.

In general, the reviewers are very positively impressed by the work performed within this program.

It looks like SGEM has been able to create a very good atmosphere of collaboration between university and industry, which was one of the goals set from the beginning. The amount of applications of new technologies presented during the review is without any doubt impressive.

While there is no doubt that this program has brought tremendous added value to industry, the reviewers would like to suggest in the future program to leave also some space for open research so to give universities the possibility to explore the unexplored.

It is also important to complete this program with a serious consideration of the value of the numerous testing set-ups developed in these five years, defining a future research agenda able to capitalize the work done so far. It is crucial to advertise the opportunities offered by the field test Finland in other research arenas to also increase the overall visibility of the Finnish innovation capability.

Prof. Antonello Monti

RWTH Aachen

Prof. Lennart Söder