Participants’ opinion

New perspectives on the international market

Fortum participated in the BEST program starting in the preparation phase. At that time, we had set to assess how we could produce bioenergy in the growing international market. The availability of biomass and the sustainability of its acquisition are essential questions in all markets, and answering these questions calls for a great deal of background information and local knowledge. The BEST program provided us with competent partners to do just that, and we could benefit from the experience and contacts of the researchers both in India and Poland. We were also interested in how urbanization will guide the use of bioenergy, and what would a green city be like. In the BEST program, we compared the bioenergy models of different types of Finnish and European cities. Overall, the research program provided a solid foundation on which we can build future export concepts.”

Marja Englund
Manager for external research collaboration networks
Fortum Oyj

Partners and visibility for a growth company

When a young company uses its scarce resources on collaboration, the goal is to get very concrete and useful results out of it. At Prometec, we had high expectations when we entered the BEST program during its second half, and those expectations were met. Together we could consider entities relating to biomass management in a way that would not have been possible on our own. The most important offerings of the program were good partnerships with major companies in the field. Networks are vital to a company that wants to do things differently than they have been done for the past 30 years. I believe that the cooperation will land us more business in the future.”

Henna Karlsson
Prometec Oy