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The study carried out within the SGEM program significantly supported European-level harmonization of technical requirements in microgeneration plants. On the basis of the study, we issued a nationwide recommendation through the Finnish Energy Industries to approve in Finnish distribution networks microgeneration equipment that meets the German standards. This opened the Finnish market to new microgeneration equipment manufacturers, which promoted, e.g. an increase in the use of solar power.

Ina Lehto, Adviser
Finnish Energy Industries

Scientific Excellence


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SGEM has produced new information about the electricity market and grid technology. One example of the scientific impact of technological development is the world’s first ±750 V low-voltage direct-current microgrid used in continuous power distribution in a sparsely populated area and the related three doctoral theses, eight journal articles and dozens of conference publications.

Tero Kaipia, Researcher
Lappeenranta University of Technology

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SGEM has not only provided funding, has also acted as a key cooperation channel with industry. Above all, it has enabled long-term work on my research topic. This kind of commitment is exceptional in the current climate of fragmented funding sources.

Antti Mutanen, Researcher
Tampere University of Technology

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There Corporation has gained substantial benefits from the SGEM program. The program has enabled a joint study of solutions in demand response and it has also helped to create business contacts with important partners. The SGEM program is very well managed and, as a result, territoriality has not taken hold and the partners have maintained their genuine interest towards cooperation throughout the program.

Mikael Latvala, Chief Technology Officer
There Corporation Oy