Participants’ opinion

Confidential relationships with partners

“The EFEU programme enabled steps in energy efficiency development, which ABB would not have been able to take on its own. Research institutions gave us a significant boost for our own technology research, and we were able to consider system level solutions together with our customers and their customers. The way in which the programme was funded steered the participating companies and research institutions towards confidential collaboration. This turned out to be an excellent solution, and is certainly more productive than the use of separate projects. The EFEU programme has set up a network that will remain vital even after the programme. The network represents the future market where not many can make it on their own. We need to build future systems with a shared goal – efficient energy use.”

Jukka Tolvanen
Chairman of the EFEU steering group, ABB

Ways to examine complete systems

“In future we want to offer complete energy-efficient solutions for regional energy systems. That is why we want to develop methods and services that support regional energy planning. By conducting research and building models together with other partners in the EFEU programme, we have been able to develop our tools for simulating energy production and consumption in specific regions, and even in individual buildings. We have tested these tools in large systems and shared information about different parts of energy systems. With our partners, we have been able to do research in way that would not have been possible on our own.”

Marja Englund
Manager, external R&D, Fortum