Participants’ opinion

“ARVI has been a very good initiative. We have brought together a group and started large-scale, nationally significant research. This will surely lead to further research projects and we hope to see it also lead to international development work.”

Toni Andersson, Research and Development Manager, Ekokem Plc

“Through ARVI, we acquired new competence and understanding of how we can analyze systemic operation in very different environments form Finland. Versatile cooperation is always required in order to understand a systemic operation.”

Hannu Lepomäki, VP, Technology, BMH Technology Ltd

“This is the first time such a large consortium of industrial companies and research institutes have studied circular economy together. ARVI adds to our understanding of circular economy on many levels of society and at its best it generates new business. In general, it is important to explore circular economy as an entity. It simplifies identifying the impact that different actors have on each other.”

Jyri Talja, VP, Technology, Kuusakoski Ltd