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Obtaining and utilizing environmental data

Finnish companies and research institutions developed the collecting and utilization of environmental data in a multidisciplinary research program Measurement, Monitoring and Environmental Efficiency Assessment in 2010-2015.

We believe that the impact of environmental data will increase in society in the next few years. Reliable measurement results will be combined and analyzed in ways that match the use purpose; and the information will be presented in a clear form to interested parties. In the future a resident of a large city will receive detailed forecasts of air quality, and an operation manager will be able to follow the emissions of an industrial plant in real-time.

The condition of the environment is already measured a great deal, but the quality of measurements varies and the results are not broadly utilized. Making environmental data increasingly versatile and more readily available for different actors in society is a goal of the research program. Therefore the program extended over the entire value chain from measurement technology all the way to managing environmental information.

The program developed a scientific and technological foundation that can be utilized in environmental data management systems and applied to different operational environments of various sizes. At the same time, business models were created to services that utilize these management systems.

The research program pooled the resources of 41 companies and 13 research institutions, which enabled wide-ranging research. The researchers also made use of and further strengthened their international networks.

The ultimate goal of the research program was to strengthen Finnish competence and compatibility at the cutting edge of international environmental assessment.

Finnish research institutions and companies have succeeded foremost in developing optical measurement technology, weather radars and micro sensors. In addition to these the research program also reinforced competence in remote sensing.

The research program is known as MMEA (Measurement, Monitoring and Environmental Efficiency Assessment). Its value was 54.4 million euro, of which companies paid 33 percent, public research institutions paid 13 percent and Tekes paid 54 percent. It started in the beginning of 2010 and ended in September 2015.

The research program was led by CLEEN Ltd. (Cluster for Energy and Environment), which was a strategic cluster for companies and research institutions in the energy and environmental business during 2008–2015. In September 2015 CLEEN and FIBIC (Finnish Bioeconomy Cluster) merged into CLIC Innovation Ltd.

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MMEA Program

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